Where does the SinkTwice attach to the tank?
The SinkTwice unit attaches to the fresh water intake that fills the tank on the back of the toilet. Install takes minutes and you can have your very own sink set up and ready to go to conserve water!
What are the dimensions?
8.8 x 17 x 2.2 inches
How does it work?
See our video!
Is it sanitary?
Yes! The water that is being used for the sink is the exact same water that comes out of the tap.
Is it safe?
It is completely safe, even to drink, since it is the same water that comes out of the faucet anywhere in your home.
How do you turn it on and off?
The faucet runs when you flush the toilet. It stops running when the tank is full. There is no separate on/off mechanism.
What is it made out of?
Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, which is abbreviated ABS and is one of the toughest plastics available on the market. These sinks can stand up to cars, animals and even kids!

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