A bathroom that lets kids do it themselves sounds like every parents dream. One of the major worrying points for many parents is hand-washing. If your child can’t reach the faucet, or forgets to wash their hands completely, there is a solution that can make any bathroom kid-friendly!

The answer is a toilet lid sink – a hands-free sink that fits right on the top of your toilet tank and provides you with clean water for hand washing every time you flush! Your toilet is filled with perfectly usable, fresh water that just gets flushed away. Instead of wasting water, clean water is sent through the toilet lid sink for hand-washing, and the gray water (soapy, used water) drains directly into the bowl. This can save up to two gallons per person, per day, and is the ideal appliance for a kid-friendly bathroom.

When it comes to kids, a regular sink may be too high to reach. A toilet lid sink is at a much more convenient level for little ones (and the toilet lid can always be closed to act as a step stool if you don’t already have one). Along the same lines, smaller kids need help turning the faucet on, making sure the temperature is correct, and turning it off. With a hands-free toilet lid sink, all the child has to do is put their hands under the running water, which automatically turns on and off and can have a pre-set temperature.

Kids, especially those who are just learning to use the toilet, often forget to wash their hands after using the bathroom. The toilet lid sink acts as a reminder; as soon as you flush the toilet, clean water starts running from the faucet so there is no way to forget to wash up! And let’s face it – adults need reminding, too.

The benefits of a toilet lid sink last far beyond the toddler and child years. Not only are you cutting down your usage bill and conserving water, you are reducing the spreading of germs. The less surfaces you’re touching in a bathroom, the less germs are being transferred. With the touch-free sink, there are no dirty faucet handles to worry about (and it acts as a reminder to wash your hands in the first place, since the water starts running as soon as you flush).

According to a study in the Journal of Microbiology, the Rotavirus (a germ that causes gastrointestinal illness) can be transferred from a dry, smooth surface, such as a faucet handle, to a clean hand for as long as 20 minutes after the surface has been contaminated. With no faucet handles, that is one less surface that can be contaminated!