Sink Again® Water Saving Toilet/Sink Combo MEDIUM - for tanks larger than 17" x 8" (with lid off)

by Sink Twice


Sink Again® Water Saving Toilet/Sink Combo (MEDIUM) is a toilet tank lid replacement for lids over 17" x 8" to save space, water, and money! It is built for a 3 minute installation on a 1.6 GPF toilet without tools. Wash your hands with clean water and repurpose soapy water for flushing. With our "Fill Cycle Diversion Process* you will see an immediate difference in your water bill. This is a great fit for most 1.28 GPF and 1.6 GPF toilet tanks. This sink is 19.5" wide x 9.2" deep x only 17.5" on the front curved edge.

For smaller than 17" tanks (measured with lid off) please use our original SMALL version.
For large rectangular tanks of at least 18" x 8," (measured with lid off) please GO HERE.
For larger than 19.5" tanks (measured with lid off), please purchase our original (SMALL) together with the expander sets sold separately.
*Patent Pending