Sink Twice® Portable Shower that's Rechargeable for Fresh or Grey water disbursement

by Sink Twice

$19.99 $28.99

Sink Twice's USB rechargeable portable shower can be used to save water by allowing it to recirculate bath water as you shower or to disburse collected graywater elsewhere.  Take a 20 minute shower with 2 gallons of water!  Excellent for emergencies or for using to water landscape from collected gray water!

In arid regions such as Southern California, household-scale greywater reuse has been shown to provide water savings of up to 13 percent of total water use. That’s because graywater provides a steady water source during summer months when little or no rainfall occurs. This portable shower can disburse a reliable supply of water from a bucket or tank to sustain minimal irrigation during droughts. It is smart to always use water-efficient landscaping.