5 Innovative Bathroom Ideas

5 Innovative Bathroom Ideas

5 Innovative Bathroom Ideas

When done right, small bathrooms can be luxurious enough to let you shower off your stress and tiredness at the end of the day. And it all begins with two things: creating a space-saving layout and choosing the most compact yet comfortable bathroom fixtures and accessories. There are endless varieties of storage organizers that you can add to almost every corner and wall of your bathroom, but what about the bathtub, the first victim to get eliminated during the battle of space?

This article concerns installing innovative, space-saving bathroom fixtures while building/remodeling your home. These fixtures provide you with a spa-like feeling, and yet, they are water-friendly. Since most of them recycle the water, you won't feel guilty taking an extra long shower.

Let's take a look.

Sink Twice

Sink Twice is a water-saving one that can be used in any bathroom, especially the smallest ones, because it eliminates the need to install a sink. It is a cover for your toilet tank. It has an inbuilt faucet and sink. It can be installed on almost all types of toilet tanks. Installation is easy and takes only a few minutes. You don't need any tools. All you need to do is to remove the existing cover of the tank, connect the faucet's pipe to the valve of the tank, and set the cover in its place. When you flush the toilet, the valve will redirect the clean water to the faucet for handwashing, and the soapy water will flow into the tank for storage.

This is a fully automated process. There are no buttons for operating the faucet. Sink Twice, as evident from its name, recycles the water, so you may save up to 4 gallons of water every time you use the toilet! Guess what? It is the most inexpensive and yet most useful product on this list.

Collapsible shower enclosure by Duravit

Shower enclosures occupy a significant amount of space in a bathroom. By opting for a fully collapsible one, you can use the blocked space when needed. As evident from its name, this shower enclosure has swiveling doors that can fully collapse against the wall when not in use. The shower fixtures remain concealed within the door when the door is folded against the wall. The door has a full-size mirror, so when it is collapsed, it provides a cleaner, more attractive look to your bathroom.

Collapsible shower enclosures can be installed in new as well as existing bathrooms. They can help you separate wet and dry areas, even in smaller spaces, so you won't have to clean the entire floor every day.

Reveeco EcoVéa recycling shower

Initially designed for hotels and spas, this water-saving shower is a must-have product for people living in areas with a water shortage or for those who want to minimize their water wastage. Suitable for small and large spaces, this shower recycles the water used. Once the used water reaches the filter below its platform, it analyzes whether it is recyclable. If the water is clean enough to be purified and recycled, it processes and sends it back to the shower. If not, it discards the dirty water.

Reveeco states that this product is designed to help people enjoy guilt-free showers. It also claims that EcoVea can save up to 80% water and energy. It can be installed in your existing bathroom.

Jang WooSeok's 'Eco Bath System'

It works like Sink Twice, the water-saving toilet mentioned above. The drain pipe of the sink is attached to the toilet tank. When you wash your hands, the used water goes to the tank for flushing the toilet. The main problem with this product is that it requires a significant remodeling of the bathroom. Plus, it may or may not fit in your existing space, depending on its overall layout. You need to remove your existing sink and toilet and replace them with the Eco Bath System, an all-inclusive product.

Wall-hung toilet by Roca

With a minimalistic design, this floating toilet can help give a clutter-free look to your small bathroom. It sits flush against the wall, helping you save those precious inches of floor space. Further, they have a built-in cistern, so they have a smaller footprint. Maintaining and cleaning wall-hung toilets are easy as the chances of molds and mildew growing in those not-so-reachable areas are less.

Bonus - Self-cleaning Sink

As evident from its name, Smarter Sink is a self-cleaning sink that cleans itself after brushing or shaving. The total cleaning time is just 2.5 to 5 seconds, whereas you need to run the faucet for 20 to 30 seconds if you do it manually. By cutting down the cleaning time by just 20 seconds, you will be able to save gallons of water every week. Plus, it is less messy and more hygienic than hand-cleaning.

Wrap up

The trend of upgrading a small messy bathroom to an ultra-luxurious space is the rage these days. We have tried our best to select products that make sense to ordinary people. But not all of the fancy products are worth their price. We came across some great products, but some cost more than $20,000. If you have come across a product you believe would be a good fit for this list, please share it with us.
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