About us

Sink Twice was born in 2015 with a challenge from a 5 year old who was told by her father that she could do anything she put her mind to.  She retorted in front of her younger brother "If that's true, dad, then why don't you solve the California water crisis?"  That night and for months thereafter, her father, an attorney by day, began studying toilets and how to improve them.

The solution was Sink Twice, a device that saves approximately 1 gallon of water (4 liters) for each trip to the bathroom (typically 5 times per day and used by an average household size of 4 people).

In its first year of sales, Sink Twice proudly reached a point at which it is estimated to be saving over 100,000 liters of water daily (or over 35 million liters of water per year).  

Sink Twice was designed to fit today's toilets and future toilets, but with an expander pack, it can fit older toilets just as easily.  

Sink Twice is reliable, durable, and cost effective.  It is designed to pay for itself many times during its useful life.  

Ultimately, Sink Twice was designed as a "drought-buster." Not only is it effective in lowering individual water bills, but implemented on a wide scale, it can have an absolutely tremendous impact on preserving our precious fresh water resources.  

Sink Twice is proud to call itself a 100% family-owned small business.  Our products are made with pride in our home state of Colorado.  We care about our Mother Earth and are so delighted to be working with customers who feel the same way we do.