Our 17" lid saves Space, Water, and Money!

Sink Twice

This is our top selling tank lid. It fits most efficient toilets that are smaller than 17" wide measured with the tank lid off. This sink can expand up to 21" with the purchase of our expander kit sold separately (see below). Make sure to compare to our other lids for the best size.

Save More!

Sink Again!

This top-rated lid is the best fit for 1.6 GPF toilet tanks and some 1.28 GPF tanks that are larger than 17" wide (measured with the tank lid off). It has an adjustable positioning feature. We have bigger and smaller sizes available. Please see our other lids as well

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For large rectangular toilet tanks,

Sink Bigger

with our 19.5" x 9.25" lid (this has an adjustable positioning feature)

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Custom sinks for top button systems

Customize my Sink Twice for a top button!

We can drill a hole in Sink Twice so it will function with your top button dual flush (must coordinate custom size and location of button hole with Seller). Coordinate with seller by text at 303-345-3508

Fluidmaster 400AH or 400H PerforMAX valves are recommended. Additional SinkTwice products are featured below.

Sink Twice Installation Video

These are the most impressive water-saving showers (for the price) in the world!

The Sink Twice Rechargeable Portable Shower used for fresh or Gray Water disbursement.

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This expansion kit allows 17" sink to fit onto toilets as large as 21" and with various shapes.

Expansion Kit for 17" Sink Twice

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(buckets not included)

USB rechargeable Off-Grid Sink with Included Camping Shower

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Our Fill Cycle Diverters make toilets significantly more efficient (biggest water saving bang for the buck)

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