Transform Your Toilet Lid into a Sink

Change your toilet lid into a sink in less than 5 minutes
and start saving gallons of water every day!

toilet lid sink by sinktwice

SinkTwice replaces your existing toilet lid, and is designed to
rest on top of most toilet tanks made in the last 15 years.

Wash your hands with clean water and flush the suds away.

single flush sinktwice toilet lid sinkHelp reduce water consumption!

Have you ever felt like you are wasting water with a quick hand wash? With drought and a lack of precipitation, it is a crucial time for water conservation.

Transform your toilet lid into a SINK with SinkTwice.

SinkTwice fits on your toilet lid, turning it into a touch-free sink that reuses the “gray water” from washing your hands. The soapy, used water drains directly into the bowl, saving up to two gallons of water per person, per day.

Why waste clean water to fill up your toilet when it will just be flushed away?

How SinkTwice Works

SinkTwice is convenient, easy to install, and fits on the majority of toilet tanks and the kids love it!

Its resourceful repurposing saves you money on water bills.

Its space-saving design gives you the most room, even in the smallest of spaces.

SinkTwice helps you to conserve water. When it comes to your water, SinkTwice – every drop matters.

Benefits of installing SinkTwice in your home include:

Water conservation

Saving money

Promoting hand washing

Teaching children to be responsible and clean

Encouraging people to put the seat down

Keeping pets from drinking out of the toilet, since the seat will be down

Creating flexibility and efficiency in bathroom design

When it comes to your water, SinkTwice – every drop counts.

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