Last-Minute Smart, Environmentally Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas

Last-Minute Smart, Environmentally Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas

Seven last-minute smart Christmas gift ideas that people won't forget anytime soon

The trend of gifting smart, environmentally friendly products is rising. People love the idea because it helps reduce the overall carbon footprint.

There is no shortage of sustainable Christmas gift ideas, but not all offer the best value for money. Plus, many of them are overhyped products with no real benefits. Here are some of the best options for smart, environment-friendly Christmas gift ideas that your friends and family will admire for years.

Sink Twice

It is one of the best Christmas gift ideas for environmentalists as well as for those who live in places where there is water scarcity. It is simply a toilet tank cover that makes it easier to use water for a dual purpose: washing hands and flushing.

Sink Twice comes with an inbuilt faucet and a sink. The faucet needs to be connected to the inlet valve of the toilet tank. When you flush the toilet, the valve will redirect the clean water to the faucet for handwashing. The water used in handwashing will flow into the tank for storage. The process is fully automatic. The beauty of this product is that you don't need to hire a professional to install it.

Sink Twice can help save gallons of water and money with every flush. No wonder why it is one of the most thoughtful Christmas gifts.

Bidet toilet seat attachment

An average American spends more than $180 per year on toilet paper. Bidet seats are available in a wide price range, with the most basic to most luxurious features, such as heated seats and blow dry. They are straightforward to install, and most models do not require plumbing work. They are a great gift for older people, although almost every person who wants to live a sustainable lifestyle would be glad to receive them.

Solar-powered phone charger

Do you know someone who loves hiking, trailing, or camping? Solar power phone chargers are the perfect eco-friendly Christmas gift for them.

It is a portable device that stores solar energy that you can use to charge your phone. A few models can charge laptops, Bluetooth speakers, and other small electronic devices. They are inexpensive and can be a part of emergency preparedness kits.

Living composter

A living composter is yet another thoughtful Christmas gift idea for those who want to make the world livable for future generations. As evident from its name, it is a composter, but an odorless one with a premium look so that you can keep it in your living room or kitchen countertop. It can process about 2 pounds of food scraps per week, which is more than enough for small families. Living composter doesn't come with worms, but you can buy them from your nearby gardening store.

If a living composter is out of your budget, you can go with the other affordable alternatives available online.

Smart sensors for home

Home sensors are great for almost everyone, especially older adults who often forget to switch off the lights or close the doors and windows.

When connected with smart lights, light sensors can turn them off when you forget to do so. You can even control the lights from your smartphone and adjust their brightness. If you are on vacation, you can set timers that can automatically turn them on and off, so no one will know that the home is empty.

The doors and windows lock sensors can warn you if you forget to shut them off. They can alert you when someone tries to break them open. They are great for people who often leave their garage door open.

There are water sensors, motion sensors, temperature sensors, etc. They make your life easy and help you save hundreds of dollars.

Eco-friendly cookware

Non-stick cookware has a short lifespan. Even the best quality ones hardly last five years. Plus, they often release toxic chemicals into the food. Show your love to people who matter the most by gifting them eco-friendly cookware this Christmas. Stainless steel products are great because they can last for decades and do not have any harmful byproducts to leach. Ceramic and clay cookware have become quite popular in the past few years. They are not quite pretty, but they will make you feel closer to mother earth. These products are affordable and can withstand high heat.

Holiday cards or colored pencils that grow when planted

Personalized plantable Christmas gifts such as cards and colored pencils are eco-friendly products for kids. You can give them to the little ones you know or encourage your children to give them to their friends. They can plant the leftover pencils or torn cards to grow trees. The trees will become their responsibility, and they will learn to take care of the environment.

Wrap up

Need more options? How about coconut shell soup bowls, bamboo toothbrushes, edible cutlery, vegan leather handbags, wallets, or sneakers made of recycled plastic collected from the ocean? Thanks to technological advancement, there is no shortage of products that can help reduce your carbon footprint. Just make sure you choose something genuinely environment-friendly, like Sink Twice. That's because many eco-friendly products do not help the environment the way you think.

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