Tiny House Space Saving Ideas

Tiny House Space Saving Ideas

Living in a tiny house can be a fun and unique experience, but it can also present some challenges when it comes to maximizing space and storage. If you're living in a tiny house, or are considering making the switch, here are a few tips to help you make the most of the space you have. Here are five creative, practically feasible, and modern space-saving ideas for a tiny home. Let's get started!

Bathroom: Install Sink Twice

Typically, a standard round bathroom sink measures 16" X 20" in diameter, whereas rectangular ones have dimensions of 19" X 24" to 16" X 23". The sink in a small bathroom is mainly used for handwashing. You can easily replace it with Sink Twice and save enough floor space to create a full-length vanity that can store cleaning supplies, clean towels, makeup supplies, grooming tools, medicines, etc.

Sink Twice is a toilet tank cover with a built-in faucet and a small sink for keeping a bottle of hand wash or a bar of soap. It is highly affordable and easy to install. All you need to do is remove your existing toilet tank cover and put it instead. Connect the faucet with the inlet valve of the toilet tank. That's it! When you flush the toilet, the inlet valve will redirect water into the faucet instead of filling the tank. After washing your hands, the water will then flow into the tank for storage. The process is fully automatic. You don't need to turn the faucet on/off, so you will get a hands-free handwashing experience.

Sink Twice can help provide a smarter, larger look to your small bathroom. It will also help you save gallons of water that otherwise go wasted.

Create a loft

A loft has become one of the most sought-after renovations in small homes. A few years ago, it was considered to be a luxurious space, but it has become a basic necessity these days.

If you live in an apartment or a small independent home, you may need more vertical space to create a full-size loft. But you can make a corner loft big enough to accommodate your child's study table and a book cabinet. Or you could build one to set up your work desk or an area where you can meditate, read, or have coffee with friends and family.

Use magnets for organizing things vertically

While hanging shelves have their charm, magnets have a minimalist look. They can be used anywhere without making your wall look cluttered. Hot glue pieces of magnetic studs on a part of your kitchen wall and stick your spice containers on them. You can also hang knives, but it's not a safe idea when you have kids at home. Create a magnetic makeup board beside your vanity and attach makeup supplies to it. It will help clear up a lot of space in your vanity. You can do the same thing near your entrance to hold keys and flashlights.

Use the inside of your closet door

The door can hold many small things even if the shelves are full. Use a door organizer to store your socks, undergarments, stationery, craft supplies, hats, scarves, and other small stuff. Hang a suction holder to keep your hair styling tools, wallets, and important papers.

When hidden inside the closets or cabinets, doorway organizers provide a lot of space to organize your stuff without making the place look cluttered because it will remain hidden! Not just the closet, you can utilize the inner side of your kitchen cabinets to hold lids, pots, etc. The inner side of the bathroom door can store cleaning supplies, extra soaps, loofahs, etc.

Use bed risers to create space under your bed for storage

If you don't have a bed with inbuilt storage, it's time to get one.

Other than using the inbuilt storage, you can use bed risers to get a few more inches of ground clearance where you can store your foldable treadmill, shoe boxes, sports stuff such as rackets, hockey sticks, bats, skateboard, craft supplies, and almost everything that can fit within that space. You can slide them or put them in storage containers before storing them, so they don't get dirty. You might have to use bed skirts to hide them so they don't look odd.

Bonus: Build a temporary cover for your kitchen sink

The sink in the kitchen occupies a good amount of space. When you don't need it, you can cover it with a wooden board to create more working space. If you are into DIYing, you can quickly build a custom cover to fit perfectly and not look odd.

Final Thoughts

Tiny houses have limited amount of space for everything. With these tips, help maximize the space you have in creative and smart ways to make the most out of living in a tiny house.

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