Ways to Save Space in your NYC Apartment

Ways to Save Space in your NYC Apartment

The Internet is flooded with ideas and hacks that claim to help you maximize space in your tiny New York City apartment. While many of those ideas are accomplishable, others will significantly affect the aesthetic appeal of your home.

You can only hang some of your bags and coats on the hooks because it will eventually give a cluttered look to your home. And, how much space do you think you will be able to save by installing a shelving unit under your bathroom sink because, in the end, it won't be waterproof enough to store clean towels (unless it is a professionally-built vanity).

This article intends to provide you with easy-to-adopt space-saving ideas and hacks that maintain the aesthetic look of your NYC apartment.

Let's begin!

Buy foldable, collapsible products

Wall-mount dining tables, study desks, and foldable sofas that can be converted into a bed are just a few examples that can help you reduce floor space usage. Thanks to innovations, even smaller things are available in collapsible varieties to declutter your shelves and closets. Collapsible measuring cups, Tupperware containers, storage receptacles, water bottles, laundry baskets, chairs, clothes drying racks, dish racks, and storage organizers are just a few examples of things that can be collapsed or folded and stored neatly/discreetly when not in use. People often doubt their durability, but most are made of high-quality material, which can last for years.

Replace your bathroom sink with Sink Twice

Sink Twice is a toilet tank cover with an inbuilt sink and faucet. It can fit in toilet tanks of most sizes. The faucet needs to be connected to the valve of the tank. When you flush the toilet, the valve will redirect the clean water to the faucet for handwashing. The used soapy water will flow into the toilet tank for later use (flushing). Sink Twice reduces the need for a separate sink. Plus, it helps save gallons of water you spend flushing the toilet. The faucet is automatic; there are no knobs, buttons, etc. Sink Twice provides hands-free handwashing, another important reason why you may want to replace your sink with it.

By removing the sink from your bathroom, you can save about 30 X 48" of floor space (depending on the size of your sink). You can install a full-size freestanding/wall cabinet in this space for storing towels, laundry baskets, cleaning supplies, grooming accessories, etc.

Install a wall mount/closet dresser

Although they are not as spacious and luxurious as full-size dressers, wall-mount dressers have become a popular choice for small NYC apartments. They are often sleek and have a streamlined shape that helps provide a decent space to store your utilities without decluttering the look of your bedroom or powder room.

Place your cosmetics and grooming tools in a few suction-based baskets and attach them to the sides of the closet or simply on the wall. If your walls have already taken enough load, you can integrate the mirror on the outer side of your closet door. By opting out for a full-size independent dresser, you can clear up a lot of bedroom space.

Buy rolling storage cabinets

They are highly durable products in various sizes, materials, and looks so that they can blend well with your home decor. You can make a rolling pantry out of it. Roll it into the kitchen when needed and roll it out and keep it at a discreet location when not needed. Fill one with your bathroom supplies, another with bar supplies, and another with tools and gadgets. You can roll them away to your balcony to clear the indoor floor space when not needed.

Utilize the space above your doors

Adding shelves above your bathroom's door frames can create enough storage space for fresh towels and cleaning supplies. Similarly, you can create a doorway bookshelf in your study or living room. The shelf above your main door can be used for displaying family pics or souvenirs. Make sure the shelves aren't too wide, or they may give your home a cramped look. You can buy readymade doorway shelves, or if you are good with tools, you can make them home.

Install sliding doors

They can give a modern, luxurious look to your tiny home. But that's not all. These types of doors barely require any space to operate than a standard hinged door which swings and blocks the way. You can install them on doors as well as on our wardrobes. Since they do not block any space, you can keep a rolling cabinet in front of them.

Use vertical space

There is no lack of vertical shelves, floating corner storage, suction baskets, etc. They are both affordable as well as attractive. When used smartly, they can help you clear a lot of your floor space. But use them sparingly because too many can make your walls look messy and stuffed.

Discard things that you haven't used in the past two years

We know this, but we don't do this. We have the habit of keeping things that have sentimental values and the 'just in case ones. But, deep in our minds, we know we will never need them. If you have been struggling with space, it's time to discard them and make space for things that you genuinely need. Give away the dog bed and bowl if you no longer have a dog and don't intend to get one for at least a year. Donate your paint supplies if you haven't painted in the past two years; you probably are too busy to paint anytime soon. Useless kitchen utensils and defective electronic items also do not deserve any place in your already space-crunched home.

Wrap up

Making the modifications mentioned above may sound overwhelming, but they are some of the best space-saving ideas for your NYC apartment. But this is just a small list. Help us improve it by sharing some of the ideas that have worked for you.

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