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Sink Twice Original 17" (minor manufacturer blemishes)

Sink Twice Original 17" (minor manufacturer blemishes)

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This website offers discounted "manufacturer blemish" models of our sinks.  We ordinarily consider them to be in this category if there is an identifiable dent (not more than 3 mm diameter) and which does not impair functionality, or, for color blemishes, we put them in this category when they have up to three tiny grey spots (not more than 1 mm each).  A small scratch that does not affect functionality would also be placed in this category.  Please remember to measure your tank with the lid off - this model is made to function with toilet tanks that are smaller than 16.8" but bigger than 15.25" across.  It can accommodate tanks front to back measured across the center up to 8 3/8" (please carefully read compatibility measurement image for more detail).  It is compatible with our expansion kit (sold separately) which can allow this to fit older toilets with tanks measuring up to 20.5" side to side and up to 8 5/8" measured from the back to the front center. 

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